Actual Window Manager


Add new and interesting functions to each window


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Actual Window Manager is a good toolkit whose goal is to make things easier when dealing with different windows. It softens the image of the windows desktop and add more functions in a comfortable way.

Actual Window Manager basically modifies the usage options of the windows we open on the desktop.

It adds new functionalities to several applications by selecting and modifying them from the setup menu within it.

Those functions are represented by different icon that will appear in the title bar of each window. Those functions are:

-Ghost: When you enable this function, you'll be able to view any window, but when you'll click it, it will disappear.

-Priority change: We'll be able to change the execution priority of each process.

-Resize: Its name says it. it will let you change the size of each window in simple clicks.

-Alignment: Thanks to this option, we'll be able to place any window on any lace in the desktop in just one click.

-Transparency: Click this button and you'll apply the chosen transparency automatically.

-Move back: Click this and you'll send the window behind all of them.

-Always on top: Click it and make that window to be always viewable.

You can use the program for free for 60 days.

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